The Pulse Nightclub shooting was a horrific event, claiming 49 lives in the deadliest mass shooting in US history. While the event was deeply saddening, friends and families of the victims rallied together, honoring their names and the lives they lived in any way they can. One such way is a new memorial that is said to be going up soon, meant to commemorate the 49 individuals that tragically lose their lives that night.

The memorial will come thanks to the OnePulse Foundation, a non-profit working to help aid victims’ families. The organization was founded by Pulse owner Barbara Poma, who also vows to reopen the nightclub to keep the good times rolling. While there is no exact date for when the memorial will be unveiled, Poma and OnePulse assure it is coming in the near future, so families and friends will soon have a tangible place to gather and pay their respects to their fallen loved ones.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those still affected by this tragedy.