Nicky Romero showed his funny side off at Tomorrowland, treating some fans to an unexpected surprise before his set. He teamed up with Dutch radio station Radio 538 and went back to his early days as a journalist, sporting a fake mustache in an attempt to discretely interview Tomorrowland attendees about their experiences.

Initially, Romero was able to get away with the stunt, casually asking fans about their favorite sets and receiving no extra attention. However, he must have had some dedicated fans prowling the main stage area as Romero was found out within just a few minutes. Honestly he probably would have had me fooled, so it was actually quite surprising to see how quickly these fans were able to pick him out. Once discovered, he was barraged by fans for selfies and handshakes, able to revel in his actual status as a world renowned DJ rather than a mustached reporter.

Check out the prank below!


[H/T: We Rave You]