For decades, Ibiza has been a glorified mecca for those truly passionate about dance music. The Spanish isle has been lionized by people of every background – residents, tourists, celebrities, and DJs – and has attracted a growing surge of devotees year after year to take part in its dignified club culture. However, with the recent invasions of Space, Privilege, and Amnesia along with a more aggressive governance, we are forced to speculate on what the future holds for the world-renowned dance music destination.

Just recently, Billboard Dance has dug deep into the island’s storied past with an in-depth reflection through the publication’s first big original video series ‘The Real Ibiza.’ The piece touches upon every facet of the island with special interviews and takeaways from DJS, club owners, tourists, and Ibiza residents, supplying a full scope of the Ibiza’s long-standing impact on dance music.

You can watch the series below.

H/T: Billboard