Deadmau5 has never been one to hold back, especially when it comes to conversations about his career. What may come as a refreshing change from the usual stream of aggressive ranting, however, is a video recently excavated from a livestream of Joel’s. In it, he spends a full half hour giving advice and storytelling about his rise to stardom. From his humble beginnings, before Internet culture took off, to his current standing as one of the most influential artists in the circuit, nearly every important step on his road to the top is detailed.

Deadmau5 begins his conversation by describing the online landscape as it looked back when he was getting his start. He remembers having to sell himself to music industry members without the convenience of social media or major online streaming sites. When he became interested in production, he said, he even walked into a store to simply ask if the owners knew anything “about making music with a computer.”

He goes on to talk about the story of Skrillex’s come-up, being one that was made unique and meaningful because of his in-person approach. After meeting at a HARD party, Joel remembers getting handed a USB with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on it. This in-person genuine introduction, he said, was a huge factor in Joel’s decision to further their relationship.

He details his initial introduction to electronic music production as a whole, stemming from editing radio commercials and skipping school to hang out in record shops. As he rose up in rank and connected with more professionals and passionate creators, he said, he was almost instantaneously given the opportunity to put his knowledge to use.

Throughout the entire conversation, Joel makes sure to stress the upmost importance of human connection and groundwork. Having grown up in an era without the simplicity and ease of tutorials, production programs or vast online resources, Joel’s perspective on the industry and creative approach is an invaluable one to consider.

Watch the full 2015 video below, and see the story behind one of electronic music’s most prolific masters.