Alex and Drew of EDM duo The Chainsmokers are riding a new wave of success as of late. After the release of their new collaboration “Closer” with Halsey, the two have been touring non-stop across the globe while teasing every show with new music that hasn’t been released or revealed yet. As Alex and Drew continue to make waves with the YouTube EDM 15 and their hectic work schedule, they even have time to give fans a new episode of their popular podcast Nice Hair on Sirius XM.

This week, the Chainsmokers delivered one of the most tenacious editions of their famed show by kicking off with music from ZomboyTJR, Rain Man, and Dirty Audio in the first thirty minutes of the mix. From dubstep, trap, electro house, hardstyle, and more, Alex and Drew flex their mixing muscle with electronic music from a wide array of sub genres that come together in spectacular fashion. Between remixes and edits of tracks from Calvin Harris, DJ Khaled, Waka Flocka Flame, and Sia to numerous IDs, Nice Hair #25 is a program worth catching on the go or at home because it is rambunctiously explosive.

Check out the new episode of Nice Hair by the Chainsmokers below and let us know what your thoughts were on their latest mix.