I’ve been covering IRIS Presents events for about two years now, yet their endless drive to support fresh talent still surprises me. Being a longtime follower of the EDM industry, I’ve always seen an almost cult-like obsession with headliners as opposed to raw talent. IRIS exhibits the complete opposite, which is perfectly exemplified by their showcase with Oski, Tropkillaz, and Sunday Service.

Being the most recent IRIS event I attended, I thought it’d be perfect to describe the absolute madness they provide each and every weekend. If you haven’t heard of Oski, his mind-boggling combination of trap percussion and dubstep screeches are sure to make you question the bounds of reality.

His live set somehow surpassed my expectations, as he played his hardest tracks alongside the likes of HeRobust, Mr. Carmack, Troyboi, and RL Grime, showing that you can never have too much filth in one set. It honestly proved to be the best set I’ve heard in a really long time, so I strongly suggest you see an Oski show as soon as humanly possible.

Tropkillaz murdered the crowd per usual, but my analysis on their performance will be borderline non-existent. The trap and twerk slinging duo gets a ton of exposure from their superstar-tier following, so I’d like to focus on the up-and-coming talent – like Oski and Sunday Service. Sunday Service closed out the night with an unforgettable set, unleashing relentless┬ádubstep tracks one after the other with no regard for the safety of the subs. Even the IRIS CEO declared the Service duo his favorite of the night on Facebook, stating that they absolutely brought the house down. The most memorable part of their set had to be the transition of an unreleased Snails track into their gargantuan dubstep collab, Run It.

In case it wasn’t clear, IRIS Presents proved once again that it has an insane knack for showcasing raw, uncorrupted talent. It makes complete sense that Atlanta can’t stop buzzing about Imagine Music Festival at the end of this month, as people are starting to realize that something huge is in the making.