UPDATE: Diplo was apparently trolling everyone in the interview when he was talking about how his group deals with stress. The frontman for the group later tweeted “when u joke in an interview ..” with a picture of various publications running the story.

If there’s any group who knows a thing or two about celebrity stardom, it’s Major Lazer members Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. After seeing a quicker rise to success than nearly any other act in the business, due to their hits with Justin Bieber and 2015 Peace Is The Mission album, the trio now sits at the pinnacle of pop culture fame.

To deal with the stress of being such internationally recognized figures, the group said that they frequently engage in therapy sessions. Once a month, Diplo said, the gang will sit down on Skype with a counselor to discuss their thoughts and mental places.

“We just have counseling.” “Yeah we have group therapy once a month, Skype sessions.” – Diplo & Jillionaire

Sometimes, they’ll even resort to less conventional methods of therapy. Whether it’s a sweat lodge, nature retreat or even hypnosis, Diplo said that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the team united and afloat.

“We also do hypnotism. We have retreats, go to sweat lodges and that. Whatever works.”


Source: TV3