Fans of Madeon are familiar with his back catalogue like the back of their hands, so there has to be a considerable amount of hype now that his remix of Blur’s “Song 2” might officially be released. The song has been around since 2011, at the very least, yet is now being featured in a video trailer for this year’s annual FIFA installment.

Madeon’s own take on the track meshes well with the original and has a distinct callback to his pre-Adventure style. Considering that FIFA games are generally accompanied by soundtracks, there’s a good chance that fans can finally have the opportunity to purchase the track that they’ve been seeking for so long. And fortunately, if this website is to be believed, fans are going to be really happy.

While the song wasn’t made specifically for FIFA, we don’t care as long as we get to include it in our library.

Also included on the soundtrack will be Zedd, Kygo and Major Lazer, along with Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris’ latest collaboration, “Hype.”

Featured Image by Hannah Jor