You thought Harambe memes were done? Hah, guess again.

DJ/vocalist/model Laura Lux bet her Twitter followers that she’d get a ‘RIP Harambe’ tattoo at 2,000 RTs, and wouldn’t you believe it… she actually went and did it.

“I had been posting Harambe memes non stop and my friend dared me to get a tattoo of him, so I said if I got 2,000 retweets, I would,” Laura told Buzzfeed. “I got my other friends with big accounts to push it too. It hit the mark pretty quickly… no regrets at all.

“It’s so funny to me that people even make a big deal out of this kind of thing. I’m already covered in tattoos and most of them don’t really mean shit.”

The tattoo comes only about a week after Getter produced a Harambe-tribute track for DUMBFOUNDEAD, and we doubt that the Harambe tributes will end with Lux, either.

You can listen to her new collaboration with LA-producer Sam F below.