Music lovers in the Wisconsin area were treated to a whirlwind of a festival last weekend as Summer Set touched down for its fifth anniversary installment. Featuring headlining performances from the likes of Chance the Rapper, Bassnectar, and Skrillex, the electronic and hip hop realms were fused together for an unforgettable weekend of fun and good vibes.

During Skrillex’s closing set on Friday evening, fans were even lucky enough to receive a brand new song preview yet released to the public. Described by many Redditors as a “Bollystep” original, the track is chock full of relentless percussion hits and machine gun synth stings. After one pass, the rhythm divulges into a half-time dubstep smasher with enormous snares and cascades of dubstep wubs.

Listen to the clip taken from the performance below, ending at 0:42.