In an age of infinite possibilities thanks to the Internet, the dance music scene (known for their tech savvy artists) has seen a flourish in creative new ways to sprout ideas and innovation in the electronic world. With online friendships making partnerships so much easier than ever before, the rise in collectives of artists has really boosted artists to strive to build not only a name for themselves, but for artists to build a team of like minded individuals (whether that be fans or musicians) to really create and bring to life a vision. One of my favorite collectives to have done so, Moving Castle, has effectively built such a team that works together to create something new, interesting. So whenever I hear that there’s a new Moving Castle tune, I start to feel the same way I do when my mom tells me brownies are ready on my trips home.

The latest from the Moving Castle family comes from none other than Kid Froopy, a new rising producer with a knack for crafting smooth tunes that still have that signature future style that’s irresistibly catchy. Blending that classic upbeat R&B style with bright synths, Froopy’s track “bb (four missed texts)” is an infectious tale of “miscommunication and the things that go unsaid in relationships.” The latest to join the Moving Castle family, make sure to check out this enchanting hit below and to support Kid Froopy as he paves new roads in the dance community.