Something crazy is going on with The Weeknd‘s camp this week, and we couldn’t be more thankful. After information slipped two days ago regarding a studio session between the R&B vocalist and long-silent electronic veterans Daft Punk, a new Instagram post has just surfaced of a new electronic collaboration on The Weeknd’s horizon.

Considering this week’s surprise new, we were really hoping that it could have been Daft Punk. But with all evidence accounted for, we’re pretty sure it’s Cashmere Cat.

Two weeks ago, Cashmere posted a picture on his own account showing he and The Weeknd in the studio together. Apparently the two work quickly, as a nearly minute-long preview of their alleged track is already up on The Weeknd’s page as of Wednesday.

The clip appears to be taken from either the introduction or bridge of the song, with a high-pitched, gasping sample serving as the only audible percussion. The Weeknd’s indecipherable vocals swirl around the space, overlapping one another and contrasting with the deep, resounding sub bass that anchors the tempo. The atmosphere and use of vocals blend the respective styles of the two beautifully together, resulting in a track that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

Check out the full clip below.


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