How does young Andrew Luce find time for it all? Between running the Daruma Collective, making music, and presumably school he’s probably stretched real thin, but somehow he still finds time for quality remixes like this one.

Dark, mysterious, and brooding, Stalgia’s emotional lyrics provide the perfect foil for Andrew’s cinematic production style as he manages to flip a tune that’s not only as dark as the original, but arguably more emotional as well. Andrew’s sophisticated production technique is highlighted with usage of fat synths, perfect sidechaining, and a soft hand when it comes to pitching vocals which results in a superb blend of future bass and R&B.

“I’m really happy with how this turned out – Stalgia has this very raw, sensual sound in her voice, and I like making music that has those characteristics. I tried to make something that kept the darkness of the original, but with a little more energy” – Andrew Luce

Stream the single below!