Yesterday, a short preview clip of a suspected collaboration between The Weeknd and Cashmere Cat was posted to The Weeknd’s Instagram page, revealing a minute-long segment of a work-in-progress to follow a photo of the two in the studio earlier this month. In a startling turn of events, Reddit has already managed to deliver the full, high quality version of the song for us to quickly enjoy before it’s inevitably removed from existence.

The track, supposedly called “Wild Love” is billed as a Cashmere Cat production featuring vocals from The Weeknd… and trust and believe it’s absolutely beautiful.

Cashmere’s vocal mixing and overlapping experimentation quickly becomes the song’s defining features. Deep, rumbling moments contrast with high-pitched howls in a similar method as some of Bon Iver’s work, resulting in a profoundly soulful and complex array of melodies. The percussive, twisted vocal sample ties the energy and atmosphere of the piece together with confidence, and the brooding bass line keeps the other elements grounded in intensity.

The result is a genuine marvel of production and collaboration. We can’t wait to see what else these two have in store.

Listen below while you still can.