Flume has captivated minds for years now, and the wealth of innovative vibes as heard in Skin have only reignited fans’ hunger for more. Now EDM Sauce has plucked the best unreleased Flume music to satiate our thirst for more ethereal arrangements from the Australian wonderkid.

Ranging from a sensuous edit of Beyoncé, to the more house centric ambience of “Mood C,” these some of the more eclectic Flume tunes available. There’s no telling what is in store for future productions, but Flume’s already said that his next album is veering more toward the skirts of lo-fi.

Flume – Mood C

Flume – That Look ft. George Maple


Flume – ID (Woo Hoo)


Beyoncé – Ghost (Flume Edit)



H/T EDM Sauce