Ask any DJ, and they’ll tell you it’s pretty hard to keep your ear to all of the popular music going on around them – this is especially true if they’re in the process of finishing an EP or album and are living in their own little production cave. However, having that balance between production and curation is what makes a great DJ in this current era, so it’s important to know how to find time for both.

For what it’s worth, The Chainsmokers have pretty damn good taste in music outside of EDM. We saw that first hand when they brought out Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind for Coachella earlier this year. So when Digital Spy asked them to put together a list of tracks they’re feeling at the moment, they brought the noise and they brought the funk (no off-broadway music was in fact featured). Surprisingly there are few electronic songs in their top 10, but we can certainly respect the variety.

Check out their 10 choices below, and head to Digital Spy for their own thoughts on each.