Every so often I’ll step away from the murky dark corners of drum and bass music to cover something… next door. Actually, just as dark and murky. I’ve always been a fan of the deeper, darker dubstep that really only can be appreciated to the fullest extent with a good pair of headphones, and a pristine headspace. Through intricate drum work and foggy instrumentals, allow none other than the legend himself, Hatcha, to take you on a journey. A journey, in his own mind.

Jungle, drum and bass, and dubstep are very similar in this sense, they parallel like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe that’s why I enjoy this tune so much. With the tribal drum fills and ragga vocal blips, it creates a vibration that only a 140 or 174 sound could fully encapsulate.

Luckily for you, this is only one of five from the man himself. Don’t sleep on this exceptional release from one of dubstep’s finest.

You can purchase it here.