Imagine Music Festival is finally here folks. After what felt like years of waiting, we can relish in the fact that the unrivaled king of the Atlanta EDM scene is primed for a weekend of utter euphoria. Of course this comes with several world-renowned DJs and incomparable talent, but the up-and-coming virtuosos deserve just as much attention. The media is usually obsessed with the coverage of household names, so this piece will focus on the somewhat lesser-known artists who are sure to provide an unforgettable experience at Imagine this weekend.

1. Sunday Service


I started covering the progression of Sunday Service a little over a year ago, yet they still never cease to amaze me with their sound design. The gargantuan dubstep duo¬†is quickly approaching 25,000 followers on SoundCloud, with each track bringing relentless amounts of heat. Even though I’ve seen them before, they’re still towards the top of my acts to see this weekend, as their live-sets have always made me consider if God listens to dubstep.

2. Bleep Bloop


Bleep Bloop is definitely more recognizable by true listeners of EDM, but I feel like he still doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Yes, his SoundCloud has garnered over 40,000 followers, but his impeccable production quality merits a time slot much later than he’s usually given. This is perfectly exemplified by his incessant collaborations which have featured the likes of G Jones, DJ Shadow, Yheti, and Sayer. If you’re into filthy, disgusting, and grimy sound design, you should definitely make your way over to Bleep Bloop’s set Saturday afternoon.

3. Space Jesus


The undisputed leader of the “headies” – go to a transformational festival sometime if you don’t recognize that word – Space Jesus is truly one of the most unique artists I’ve ever heard. His style really can’t be accurately depicted by words, but I’ll do my best to portray his production. Whether the track is chiller or upbeat, he always seems to interweave physical instruments and computer generated synths that supply a groovy timbre. Honestly, the only way to fully understand the hype around Space Jesus is to listen to his wide array of tracks. I’ve never seen him live before, but thinking about losing my Jesus virginity has me ridiculously excited for this weekend.