Valeria Lukyanova is the Ukrainian internet sensation known as ‘Space Barbie,’ and after captivating the world with her striking looks, she’s now on a mission to deliver a singular message through dance music. “Love is the only one real thing. Everything I do pushes that message.”

Teaming up with Ukrainian electronic producer Sender, Lukyanova is in the process of crafting an album’s worth of music, inspired by everything from old school house to Lukyanova’s own metaphysical experience, and the entire thing is meant to entrance an audience. “Music will help people relax and make a journey into their hidden places inside. I hope it feels for them like something familiar but forgotten. You need to close your eyes and go deep within, like nothing exists but you and the music.”

As you can likely gather, Lukyanova is more than just a little bit into spirituality and sharing her supposed gifts with the world. In fact, her spiritual name is Amatue, and she takes on this alias when channeling her past lives and singing of forgotten knowledge in languages she doesn’t know, like Peruvian Quechua. “Our human abilities are really big. When I’m doing deep meditation, I can remember a lot of things from my past life. So, I just knew [the language].”

But the hype doesn’t end there. Armed with the DJ knowledge learned from her mentor, Sender, Space Barbie is embarking on a solo DJ tour to share her otherworldly gifts. And she’s not worried about fans turning out solely to gawk at her striking appearance either, Lukyanova knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s said it before that no one would pay attention if she was an ordinary woman.

“It only matters what people can take away from my concerts. My heart is open to radiate love. In the face of love, no one can remain indifferent!”

Have a listen to her debut single, “Jack Your Barbie,” below, and check out her Vice documentary for more details on what she’s all about.


Source: Billboard