Breakout duo Galantis have been ruling the charts with every single they release. With their infectiously catchy style with premium musicianship and songwriting, Galantis have become one of dance music’s hottest acts as of late. Their latest single, “No Money,” has become an instant favorite for dance music fans around the world, with names like Chet Porter, Skrillex and even Marshmello lending their talents to remixes of the hit track. Now, newcomer Daydreamer throws his hat in the ring for a unique and funky take on the hit tune.

Taking obvious inspiration from names like Daft Punk and Justice, Daydreamer transforms “No Money” into a disco funk track that will have you throwing on your bell bottom jeans and pulling out your disco balls for an 80s re-enactment at the club. With masterful chords and melodies that make it impossible to not want to get up and dance, Daydreamer brings life back into the disco house style that we all know we love, even if only secretly. Make sure to check out the stream below and to snag the free download here!