It’s been more than half-a-decade since the one they call Skrillex first swarmed the upper echelons of dance music, and the man has remained at the top all the while. Still, with all the sharp and eloquent productions we’ve been hearing as of late, it’s easy to forget the eclectic origins that made Skrillex so popular in the first place. Thankfully, YouTube doesn’t forget a thing, and we’ve found the OG live stream premiere of “Equinox.”

Though the video quality is utterly questionable, at least the music itself is lag-free and relatively clear. This version is definitely a rough cut of the track’s final form, and it’s easy to miss, but the track’s iconic scream, “Call 911 Now!” is completely absent. You can even make out what looks to be framed photos of Steve Aoki and deadmau5 gracing the background.