Uplifting, beautiful sounds have become a staple sound for electronic duo Purity Ring. Making a name for themselves with tracks like “bodyache” and “begin again”, their signature style has become a fan favorite the world over, and for good reason. With no news of new music coming from the duo in over half a year though, I was beginning to get antsy waiting for the new release. My anxiety has been quelled however, as just a few days ago famed pop singer Katy Perry uploaded a blissful remix by the pair of her single “Rise.”

Taking on Perry’s strong yet serene vocals and combining them with sub driven verses, you’re instantly captivated within moments of clicking play. Transitioning into a smooth moombah future style drop that is refreshingly new and relaxed, Purity Ring hit gold with their latest track that will have you beaming from ear to ear as you gracefully sway to each beat. Listen to the remix here and stay on the look out as Purity Ring (hopefully) throws some more gems our way.