If there’s one thing we know about Dillon Francis, it’s his ability to hold the attention of a crowd. Whether it’s on stage or on Snapchat, his hundreds of thousands of fans hang on his quips and jokes like the edge of a cliff. So when NBC’s reigning comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live, asked their Twitter followers who they’d like to see host the show this season, Dillon jumped at the opportunity.

So far, both Columbia and Sony Records have tweeted their support, as have Calvin Harris, Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead, and Major Lazer, as well as hundreds of his own followers.

Whether Dillon would actually be able to follow direction (as little as there is) on the show, we still want to see what an opening dialogue from him would be like, and he’d even double as the musical guest?

“And now, Dillon Francis! Oh wait, that’s me.” Imagine it.


Image via Rukes