UPDATE: Getter was doing a takeover for the NVConcepts Twitter account in March and a question about the “Slam Dunk” remix came up. Apparently it’s actually a remix he made with Skrillex, but it’s probably never coming out.

Apologies if this is common knowledge, but who knew ETC!ETC! was so into dubstep? Yes, he created a pretty massive, wub-heavy track with Bear Grillz recently, but that just seemed like a one-time thing (to me at least). Nonetheless, the LA-native dropped this unreleased earth-shaker on an unsuspecting Electric Zoo crowd yesterday afternoon in New York.

That’s right, Getter is finishing up a remix of Skrillex and Valentino Khan’s hit single, “Slam Dunk.” Although the verse wasn’t revealed this time, the drop goes ridiculously hard and proves, once again, that Getter delivers what the people want. Check out ETC!ETC!’s full set here!