Following up Cataclysm wasn’t going to be easy, but Monstercat somehow managed to do it. With their 28th regular compilation Uproar, Canada’s biggest independent EDM label is pulling no punches.

Much like 027, Monstercat has brought a few established artists to their lineup (notably Snails and Candyland) in addition to a heap of fresh talents (Glacier, Topi, ForiaTokyo Machine and MIU, just to name a few). Uproar also sees the triumphant return of Monstercat veterans Vicetone (see our writeup on “Nevada”) and Project 46.

Whether or not you’re a big fan of Monstercat, this is definitely not an album to overlook. If the insane amount of new names on the lineup isn’t enough, a good chunk of their long-time artists have completely reinvented their sounds recently, which truly broadens the compilations’s diversity.

Below, we have picked our five favorite tracks from the album. We would encourage you to listen to the whole thing yourself and let us know what your favorites are in the comment section below!

Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night

Snails’ Monstercat debut is everything we had hoped it would be. “Deep in the Night” smashes Snails and Pegboard Nerds‘ sounds perfectly together, creating a filthy 5-minute wad of vomitstep that will be blasting out of speakers worldwide for months to come.

Eminence & Alex Klingle – Altitude feat. Danyka Nadeau

Progressive trance at its finest, there is not a single bad seed in this track. “Altitude” also marked the first-ever Monstercat appearance of rising trance star Alex Klingle, who typically makes his home on Enhanced Recordings. Hopefully we’ll see him as a Monstercat regular soon!

Anevo – Electric Heart feat. Ameria

2016 has been a year of spectacular Monstercat debuts, and Anevo‘s “Electric Heart” is no exception. From its soul-piercing guitar plucks to its gorgeous vocals from Ameria, this track is perfection. Hats off to you, Anevo.

Stonebank – Soldier

Stonebank‘s first attempt at drumstep is oh-so-sweet. If you thought Stonebank hit hard with “Never Looking Back,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised with “Soldier.” The track has one of the straight-up dirtiest drops of 2016, so bassheads will be all over this one.

Rezonate – Highlight

“Highlight” is Monstercat’s first-ever R&B release; how can it NOT be memorable? The vocals and production are ridiculously catchy on this one, and I’ll forever have its sassy “whatever!” sample drilled into my mind. Thanks, Rezonate.

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