Many of our friends have been awol over the past week, and with good reason – Burning Man 2016 has been firing on all fronts, captivating the hearts and minds of over 70,000 from all corners of the globe.

Now that the celebration has come to a conclusion, the Da Vinci Man burned, and the dust begun to settle, documentation of the Playa’s antics are slowly flooding the web. One Burner by the name of Kenny Hoff, took it upon himself to film tons of footage over the event, catching loads of talent at Camp Question Mark, and more importantly, showing the world just how magical Black Rock City can be.

Of the many artists to grace Camp Question Mark’s beloved stage over the Burn, Skrillex and friends showed up to take the helm of the vibe train for a bit, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like the best time.

It’s far from the typical Skrillex set, and there’s something about the eclectic track choice and laid-back atmosphere that epitomizes what Burning Man is all about, even with an artist as big as Skrillex behind the decks. Have a look at the clips below, and be sure to check out more of Kenny Hoff’s uploads of this year’s Burning Man.


H/T Dancing Astonaut