Today marks the release date of the fifth studio album of M.I.A. While a few singles have already come out featuring a remix from Diplo and a guest appearance by ZAYN, the album dropped with a pleasant surprise that Skrillex also helped on the album.

Skrillex produced two tracks on the album, “A.M.P. (All My People)” and “Go Off.” While each are unique, they both fit well into the album while also holding onto their undeniable Skrillex feel. Skrillex’s influence on “Go Off” is most evident in the signature Jack Ü snare used throughout the track. The vocal sample that opens up the track, and is used throughout, is also very indicative of something Skrillex would do. While the track was co produced by Blaqstarr, it seems as though Skrillex maintained a lot of influence on the overall feel of the track.

“A.M.P.” has that driving force that is very present in many of Skrillex’s newer music. However, the song is very unique from what Skrillex has produced previously. It very eloquently puts M.I.A.’s vocals and lyrics on display while also pushing the track forward. Featuring a middle eastern influenced synth and a thumping kick, the track will have you movin’ some type of way. You can stream the two Skrillex produced tracks as well as the rest of the album below on Spotify: