Earlier this month, Flume took to Facebook to announce that a companion Skin Companion EP was in the works to highlight four tracks that never were able to make it to the final cut of his sophomore album. Scheduled for a November release, the EP is planned for a physical LP release in indie record stores around the world.

While we still have a good while to wait for the full version, a tantalizing preview of one track has just surfaced from a very unexpected source. Australian car manufacturers Holden enlisted a cut of the upcoming song, “Trust,” in their newest “real” reactions commercial for the newest model. The track was confirmed by the company’s Youtube channel, who replied to a comment on the video upload.

The track features sharp percussion hits and droning bass synths below gentle piano phrases and bright, piercing high notes. Near the end of the clip, what appears to be a female vocalist lets out a few cries, but nothing recognizable enough to pin down who it might be. Suffice it to say, the short preview has made us that much more excited to finally receive the EP in full.

Check it out below.