As we all know by now, Apple got rid of the headphone jack. While this is a troubling subtraction from the popular device, we are here to help you cope with the scary new reality of a world of phones without headphone jacks. There were headphones released alongside the new iPhone, manufactured by Beats, but here are a few more options compiled by our friends at IGN, in case Beats just don’t cut it for you:

First comes the most expensive option, the Jaybird X2 (Ranging from $120 to $150).


These wireless, in-ear headphones have some impressive specs. With an 8-hour lithium ion battery, foam ear tips, sleek design, and a lifetime warranty against sweat, these headphones are worth the money. They are built to last with durable materials and great sound quality for your listening pleasure.


Next, we have JLab Epic Wireless Earbuds (Ranging from $79 to $120).


The biggest selling point on these is the impressive in-ear headphones is the 10 hour battery life. Not only that, they have memory wire ear hooks, they are washable (meaning you can rinse them off after each run), they have very good sound quality with an 8mm driver, and a 30-foot bluetooth range. These one’s are a great deal for the price.


If in-ear headphones aren’t your thing, there’s always the Jabra Move ($100).


These headphones have the capacity to be wireless and wired, if you so happen to come across an “archaic” wired music player. That, and it has up to 8 hours of battery life, a stainless steel headband, crips audio playback with Jabra’s signature Digital Signal Processing, and they are lightweight with high comfortability. These are good for lounging, not so much for running around.


And finally, the MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 are another over-the-ear headphone ($60).


These have a stellar battery life of 22 hours. Wow. Also, these have AAC and aptX codecs, both platforms allowing for higher quality audio. Like the Jabra, these come with a stereo audio cable to allow you to playback music wired if necessary as well. For the price, these headphones are a steal.


Source: IGN