To say Beatport has been having a bad year is probably an understatement. Between financial difficulties due to SFX, a struggle to stay actively relevant with a plethora of music distributors taking up arms since their inception and more, the company has been facing what is quite possibly one of the hardest years of their journey as an organization. However, the companies latest blunder is no one’s fault but their own.

Recently, Beatport decided to make news to that their service would begin incorporating new genre tags. This innovation was met with applause from fans of the service, until they made a critical mistake and decided to remove Electro House as a genre, and reclassify it all under Big Room. Going live today with their update, names like Feed Me, Wolfgang Gartner and even Deadmau5 have been re-categorized as Big Room. With the change only just recently taking affect, many artists are probably unaware of the re-assignment of their songs to the genre, but we’re sure to see some disdained comments from producers in the days to come. Heaven knows what the Mau5 will have in store when he takes to Twitter.


A source has told us that Beatport has not removed the Electro house genre, but filed it as a sub genre under the Big Room tab. As well, bass house duo Ephwurd have commented on the situation via Instagram stating “I guess we’re a Big Room act now.”

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Source: Magentic Mag