Every once in awhile i’ll get a release in my inbox that makes my shifty eyes do a double-take. After pressing play on this one, a sensory overload of euphoria took over as my spinal structure synchronized with that oh-so familiar 174 beats per minute high hat sequence. Drum and bass on Play Me? This has to be good. Needless to say, I was correct.

Reigning down with no holds barred, the team known for bass heavy drops disappoints no one with two tunes filled to the neckline with energy. Aktive, has truly outdone himself. With his sister being Katie of Viper Recordings’ duo Koven, it’s quite transparent to see that drum and bass blood boils organically in their family.

That being said, let’s get to it.

“Bounce Wid It” is an absolute cruncher that you may want to reconsider before playing at the club. Why? Because the club’s neighbors may complain about the drywall on their shelves shaking and crumbling. Before long, it enters an entirely new paradigm with a halftime section that’s surely poised to rinse house.

The B- side, “Mind Frame,” is very similar in style. By style I mean of course, the style that makes you want to untie your freshly-tied kicks and chuck them at an unsuspecting bystander while skanking in a circular velocity.

If by now you aren’t entirely convinced that this kid has the entire future at his very palms, make sure to follow his socials and purchase the release from Play Me here.