Back in 2014, Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland announced that it would be broadening its usual weekend stay by adding a second installment the following weekend. Due to incredibly high demand and the explosive growth of the international EDM fan base, the festival was aptly equipped to host the doubled festivities. Then, Tomorrowland decided to downsize itself once again, giving prospective attendees only one weekend to experience the music and sights in both 2015 and this year.

Much to the delight of its clamoring fans, however, it appears that the event will open itself up to another round of two weekends in 2017, following approval from the local government in Boom, Belgium.

“The purpose of this [hosting the festival in 2 weekends] is to meet the huge demand for tickets from international and local fans. Meanwhile, with the blessing of the municipalities of Boom & Rumst, we can go ahead and start preparing for 2 weekends as of next summer.”

This news comes as a close follow-up to Michigan-based transformative festival Electric Forest, that decided to do the same with their own, previously five day-long, event in the coming year.

Fans of the world’s largest dance music event will be able to immerse themselves in the fantastical and expansive spectacle from July 21 to 23 and July 28 to 30. Stay tuned as more information surfaces.