The beautiful city of New York is in for a treat this Thursday and Friday when famed duo, Yellow Claw touch down at Webster Hall while on their ‘The Barong Family Tour’. The two recently released an album of the same name that consists of 15 tracks created by twenty different DJ’s and Producers who came together in a cottage in France over the course of the week to create the album; you can take a listen to the full thing below as well as download it for free.

However The Barong Family doesn’t quite end there… before even stepping foot into that cottage in France Yellow Claw released a short documentary based on it as well. So after you’re finished listening to all 15 tracks you can sit back, watch the documentary, and get hyped for these awesome show’s coming up.

Tickets are still available for both shows. You can purchase tickets for Thursday, September 15th here (act fast, they are on their fourth and final tier) and you can purchase tickets for Friday, September 16th here.