Venture for a moment inward deep within the capacities of your own individual dreamscape. You’re in a dungeon; better yet? A vault. An underground facility hinged with imagination. Where your fantasies run rampant with electricity fueled by one specific energy source. Can you guess what that source of power may be?

Unleashed at a vicious 174 beats per minute, Desperados Studios mastermind Bob Parlington (OK GO – The Writing’s On The Wall) has truly outdone himself.

They picked five traditional experiments with the elements and took them to a whole new level, subverting them— like setting the Chladni sand patterns on fire with the very sound that created them. Everything was built from scratch: the pyro plates, the Rubens tubes and air hockey table, and of course the speaker sphere: 98 speakers each one wired and connected to a stack of concert amplifiers, with 78,000 W of power coming out of the installation.”

Now that we’ve collectively established the sheer quality of the video itself, let’s move forward a bit to the extraordinary production value of the tune itself. Once again, through the signature sounds of one of drum and bass’s favorite duo’s The Prototypes the world is left in a unilateral shock. Heading to the club? Drop this tune. Having a beer with your mates? Drop this tune. In a fight with your girlfriend about why drum and bass takes up so much of your free time? Drop this tune so loud that she won’t be able to yell over your monitors blaring. 

Heh, okay maybe not that last part, but you get the idea.

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