UPDATE: Zouk issued an official statement regarding the events of September 10.

Known as one of the top nightclubs in the world, Zouk has become globally renowned and one of the hottest night life spots in Asia. However, after an incident in the Spring with Aly & Fila, the nightclub was thrown into a negative spotlight for their mistreatment of the DJs. Now, they seem to be back in hot water after faking a DJ appearance as an Ultra Singapore after party. Promoting that masked producer/DJ Marshmello would be playing the club, a resident DJ outed the venue for putting a fake Marshmello on the decks.

According to resident DJ Jade Rasif, the club either did not do due diligence to make sure the booking was legit, or they knew and just didn’t care, showing their lack of integrity. Even Marshmello himself allegedly posted that he was not playing the event but still the show went on. This comes as a huge betrayal of trust to the fans and to the actual artist himself, with a fake performance betraying the crowd and everyone excited to meet Mello and also an attack on Mello and his character by having a fake represent him at such a high profile venue. You can check the postings below for more details, and see more from twitter user @DJEzraHazard who followed up with photos of the fake.

Zouk Fake MarshmelloFake Marshmello