The boundary pushing duo, Bass Physics, has just released another gem of a track, “Let Me Go” featuring the stunning vocals of Carly Lynn. The duo, founded back in 2012, have already proven themselves with an 11 track album release in 2013, titled Lose Your Mind, which showcased their blend of glitch-hop, ethereal atmospheres, and emotionally charged music. Since then, they have released two more EPs, further solidifying their signature sound and their growing following. They have also worked alongside other big producers such as Savoy and Minnesota. With their base in Denver, the duo strives to bring their philosophy of spreading positivity through their music to as many people as they can.

Their new track continues their trend of blending live instruments with electronic music. The track starts with a beautifully reverbed piano with an electric guitar highlighting overtones. The driving bass, hi-hat, and snare combination come in with Lynn’s vocals singing an impassioned melody. The piano and guitar push through as the track quiets down to build up into the drop. Reminiscent of future bass sounds, the super-saw synth chords ebb and flow to a powerful kick while a vocal sample dances across the top. The track is nostalgic with it’s live instrumentation while also bringing in very fresh, new elements to the overall sound. You can give a listen to the stunning track below and if you want to see them live, check out their tour dates: