The ongoing battle between streaming services has become more complicated and brutal as time goes on. With new features, design layouts, subscription benefits, exclusive content and more, the sites’ struggle to be the most appealing music destination is most commonly directed toward the consumer. The aspect users often miss is just how profitable and fair each site can be for the actual artists themselves.

In an image released on Demo Drop‘s Twitter account Saturday, 11 of the most popular streaming services are stacked up against each other to see display how easy it is for artists releasing on each platform to earn $1 in revenue. At the very bottom of list is Youtube, requiring artists to gain 776 views before they see a dollar in their pocket. Soundcloud is close behind with 766.

Higher in the list, Spotify requires only 279 plays per dollar earned. Apple Music and Google Play are close contenders, with 196 and 189 plays, respectively. Finally, TIDAL sits near the very top of the chart with only 185 plays needed.

Take a look at the graphic below.