If you’re a regular deadmau5 fan, you know he’s good homies with Tommy Lee, Steve Duda, and DJ Aero. Well, their bromance runs deeper than just good times and near helicopter disasters. The four have their very own super group, aptly titled WTF?, and their 2008-09 legacy lives on in these four tracks: “Chicken,” “Redic,” “CEABA55555,” and “You Can’t Afford This.” What could be more awesome than that? We’ve found footage of their live debut last night in Atlanta.

It’s an unwieldy bout of house music that squabbles in every direction, but we can clearly hear mau5′ own “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever,” along with plenty of filters and effects throughout the mix. WTF?’s “Chicken” even makes an appearance, and trust us, that pecking synth absolutely starts to sound like a rooster in heat after a while. Have a listen below.