Back in December all the way last year, Dillon Francis played out a new Alesso collaboration at IDGAFOS Weekend in Los Angeles – it went a little something like this.

Now the collaboration has been updated drastically. According to Dillon himself:

“The one we made then got scrapped and we turned it into this…still parts from the old one just completely revamped.”

Played at both Tomorrowland and Road To Ultra: Taiwan, this new version sounds a lot more like an actual collaboration rather than the previous one, which had straight moombah vibes from Dillon and not much from Alesso.

We’ve seen that Dillon can produce progressive house thanks to his debut album in 2014, so “Take My Breath Away” is really a breath of fresh air for the producer whose 2016 tracks like “Need You” and “Candy” have been pretty hard-hitting festival bangers, while his latest “Anywhere” took on a more indie dance vibe.

Check out the track below from both festivals and let us know what you think!


Image via Rukes