Lege Kale has been on a tear lately, as the Ohio-native is only a couple hundred SoundCloud followers away from reaching 30,000. With his unique blend of relaxed trap and airy synths, he knows how to make an almost meditative beat. Although his latest release – a remix of Aminé’sCaroline” – boasts a double-timed percussion line, it eventually returns to that groovy Lege trap that I’ve grown to know and love.

The track opens with a modulated organ synth that’s reminiscent of old-school Flume, prefacing the original vocals. Aminé then begins to tell you about his ‘dimepiece,’ as snaps begin to occupy every first and third beat. A kick unveils itself halfway through the first verse, showing a new side to Lege Kale that carries that groovy FlyLo vibe. Although I genuinely enjoy this certain kind of beat, I was secretly hoping that the track would delve back into his patented timbre to portray a wonderfully dichotomous production. My wish was granted, as the rest of the track proved to be just as blissfully tranquil as the beginning.

Listen for yourself below, and be sure to follow Lege Kale on SoundCloud to get him up to 30K!