Cue the hype train, The Weeknd is now in the station.

The R&B/rap artist just announced the follow-up album to 2015’s breakout Beauty Behind The Madness and people are going absolutely nuts. The album will be titled STARBOY, and you can check out the album art from NABIL below.

Now, that’s fine and dandy, but we’re left wondering what ever happened to that studio session with Daft Punk some months ago… without knowing when Daft Punk’s next album is coming (if there even is one), we pretty much have to hope that the first new Daft Punk material since 2013’s Random Access Memories will come on The Weeknd’s album.

Even then, we still don’t know when this album will be coming out.

The ball is entirely in his court, and we’re left waiting. We pray it won’t be too long.