Since Zeds Dead, Diplo, and vocalist Ellipant dropped “Blame” earlier in the summer, it’s entered the rotations of EDM fans and DJs alike to become one of the catchiest dubstep songs of the summer. Now I know it’s not “just another Monday” – because it’s Thursday – but I thought I’d go ahead and share the new music video for the single that’s just come out on Trap Nation.

I usually don’t cover music videos, but this animated piece is something of a visual masterpiece. It looks like the director Chris Yee drew a lot of inspiration from ’80s-styled cartoons (He-Man anyone?!) to come up with a powerful music video for a powerful song.

“With the music video, I wanted to channel in on the vicious cycle and nature of self-destruction — whether it comes to a weekend rager, technological development versus nature, or current events in youth versus authority…visually, I wanted to channel the look an an ’80s space opera.”