Last June, I had the honor of premiering Fytch‘s astounding “Lonely Roads,” which has since grown to be one of his biggest releases to date. Three months later, the French talent is back and better than ever with his fifth studio EP Show You.

I could try and put my thoughts on this EP into words, but this music truly speaks for itself. Fytch’s unique blend of R&B and minimal trap truly shines throughout the entirety of Show You, especially on the title track – the EP’s only collaborative track, done with vocalist Alisa Nappa – and the song “Echoes,” which features his own vocals. From hard-hitting bass lines to jazzy keyboards to emotional guitars to smooth vocal grooves, Show You has more than enough layers to dig your teeth into.

If you have 17 minutes to spare, do yourself a favor: kick back, put on your favorite pair of headphones and drown yourself into what is arguably one of 2016’s most creative releases.

Listen to Show You and download the EP below: