Kaskade‘s sold-out Redux event in Brooklyn was effectively shut down on Saturday evening after an unknown member of the NYC Parks Department installed a fence at the venue’s back exit. The now-lack of a proper rear exit forced the NYPD to close down the proceedings, disallowing the line of fans from ever entering Brooklyn Gowanus Terminal. The working staff at the venue, along with representatives of Dancesafe and Mean Red, were only told about the cancellation at 7 p.m., three hours after doors were supposed to open and right when Kaskade was scheduled to perform.

As he and his team scrambled to find an appropriate replacement for the 5,000+ person venue, he took to his Facebook to live stream a discussion with his fans and ticket holders about the situation. For nearly half an hour, Kaskade explained the disorganization of the Parks Department and his frustration at having to let his attendees down after months of planning. He even mentions that the sudden fence could have been part of a conspiracy.

As of now, there hasn’t been any information released regarding who put the fence up or why it was done. Mean Red took to their Twitter late Saturday evening to inform ticket holders that their purchases would be refunded.


H/T: EDMTunes