League Of Legends’ Esports Facebook page released a little teaser this past Friday to fans before all the hype starts up around Esports’ annual Worlds Championship event. The League of Legends World Championship is slated to start in Los Angeles’ Staples Center next week and carry out through all of October.

The Esports & EDM community have always had a special relationship that’s incomparable to any other musical community, with both scenes being tightly interwoven since their inception. Gamers would include electronic music through almost all of the accessible portals to their culture whether that be through YouTube gaming tutorials, Twitch live streaming, or simply gaming while listening to your favorite Monstercat mix. There is no denying that Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, knows what their fans want in terms of music. In 2014, Riot Games enlisted Imagine Dragons for the Worlds Championship theme song, and the music video on YouTube alone has amassed around 60 million views.

Following Riot’s collaboration with Imagine Dragons, it seems like Grammy Award winning producer Zedd is to follow in their footsteps to curate the next championship anthem. Check out the teaser for League of Legends & Zedd’s “Ignite” below, and if you look at the dead-center of the teaser image you can see Zedd’s iconic “Z” logo hidden behind the World Championship logo.

The team at Riot Games behind scouting out their next musical artists to be featured in a part of the League of Legends universe has shown nothing but results that are creative, fun & impressive forms of music. Past projects included artists like: Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and Dada Life for the company’s Sona limited edition skin available for purchase in game.

In the year of 2016 alone, League of Legends has already put out an entire full-length electronic album. Some of the biggest up and coming producers were seen with productions on the album such as: Mako, Jauz, Vicetone, and Marshmello just to name a few.