While The Chainsmokers have been busy keeping their dominance on every chart known to man, they haven’t become complacent. They announced earlier today they’d be previewing their next single on Snapchat today, and that time has come. Check out all the info we know on The Chainsmokers’ new song below.


Their next single is called “All We Know” and will feature Drew on vocals once again, a nice thematic follow up to “Closer,” and he’ll be accompanied by Phoebe Ryan. Better yet, it’s dropping on Friday!

The Chainsmokers exist in this nebulous area between pop and EDM, with many of our readers even questioning (albeit ridiculously) why we even write about them anymore. Along with artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta who have found success bridging the gap between pop and EDM, The Chainsmokers have found success on multiple charts. Unlike Harris and Guetta, we believe that The Chainsmokers still have something that they lost a long time ago: soul.

This new single continues that trend, with a very pop sound amidst typical EDM production styles. We’ll see where this ends up on the charts and if it can even overtake their last single, but there’s a very good chance that we’ll soon be seeing two Chainsmokers songs in the Billboard Hot 100, or maybe even the top 10.

Listen to a preview of The Chainsmokers’ new song here:


Disregard the video title, the song is the same.