Tropical house as a genre is one that has always inspired happy vibes and dreams of laying on a white sand beach with a drink in hand, but after a massive amount of trop house releases in the last two years, the genre has seen itself phase out of relevance. However, some names continue to keep the style interesting and unique. That’s where Charlie Brennan and Miller Guth come in. Their indie singer-songwriter style track with tropical house elements has left me absolutely in awe.

Entitled “Broken Cities,” up and coming production talent Guth enlists the Connecticut-based Brennan to combine his captivating vocals and lyricism for a perfect combination of pop infused indie rock with tropical sounds that will leave you wishing you were on a beach in the pacific yet exploring a foggy town on the east coast and it’s no exaggeration that the track will be stuck in your head for days to come. Make sure to check out the single and to keep an eye on both Brennan and Guth as they each rise with their particular blend of musicality.