Ah, PRMD Music . . . back at it again with the really great music. Today, the Avicii-curated label released a brand new single from one of my favorite house music acts in the game, Hotel Garuda, and vocalist/band Violet Days. Following the splash made by their first single on PRMD, “Smoke Signals,” “Fixed On You” now looks ready to launch the duo into house music stardom.

Like “Smoke Signals” before it, “Fixed On You” is a great display of the duo’s ability to integrate their house music sound across many varying textures and genres. “Violet Days” also has the sort of super smooth vocals perfect for a house music club weapon like this. The debut Garuda single absolutely went viral, and with “Fixed On You” as strong at is it, I see no reason why it won’t take off as well!

Stream it below.