After listening to this song once this morning, I’ve had it stuck in my head all day. The catchy new tune by Galantis and Hook N Sling, “Love On Me,” is a perfect salute to the end of summer as we welcome in the fall. On the heals of their recent releases, “Money” and “Runaway (U & I),” this track perfectly adds to the duo’s catalogue of feel good, sing-a-long music.

The track begins with vocals that begins to stir elation in your veins. Accompanied by a simple piano playing the songs foundational chord progressions, the vocals speak of being a reliable lover who wants the love of another. The summer inspired, steel drum sounding synth breaks through playing an infectious melody. The lyrics, “Girl put your love on me,” continues through the spunky, upbeat drop. A driving, melodic bass transports the track alongside a chugging percussion groove. This track will unmistakably become a hit in no time. Check it out for yourself below: