Cuts and clips of Deadmau5‘s latest, unreleased tracks have been pouring through the Internet ever since the Canadian producer reinstated his consistent live stream schedule from the studio in his new home. From pieces of his upcoming album to tour details to video game sessions, his most dedicated fans have been treated to an almost daily look into the projects and pastimes of their favorite electronic artist.

Most recently, a work in progress from Deadmau5’s September 25 stream was ripped and glued together by one listener for all of us to enjoy. Supposedly played out in full by Deadmau5 during the live broadcast, the track was given the name “Analogical,” and comes at a comfortable eight minutes and 22 seconds long.

The track starts with an ominous, layered arpeggios above surges of atmospheric noise and pads as each of the elements overlap and replace each other in the spotlight. Eventually, the vibe is reduced to a simmer, leaving dark, lasting synth notes by themselves to carry on the track. The arpeggios return and meld with the deeper notes until a simple hip hop percussion section reveals the underlying rhythm.

Listen below.


Image: Rukes